9.9-15-20hp Suzuki Stainless Steel PowerTech SRT3 Performance Propeller

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Rotation: Right Hand
Blades: 3
Material: Stainless Steel (Manufactured in the United States)
Finish: Polished Stainless Steel
Hub: Thru Hub Exhaust Rubber Hub 10 Tooth/Spline Prop
Part Manufacturer: Power Tech & comes with a Life Time Manufacture Warranty
Propeller Features:The SRT3 has larger blade diameter at 9.5″ inches compared with the standard 9 1/4″. The SRT3 has higher rake angle a little bit of cupping. Likes higher horse power and light set ups were the engines mounted higher on the transom.
Propeller Sizes Available:
9.5  x 9  | SRT3R9PSZ15
9.5 x 10 | SRT3R10PSZ15
9.5 x 11 | SRT3R11PSZ15
9.5 x 12 | SRT3R12SZ15
9.5 x 13 | SRT33R11SZ15